KIGM | Our Ministries
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Our Ministries

Evangelism Ministry
Marriage Ministry
WAFA Ministry
Carenet Ministry
Singles Ministry
Children / Youth Ministry

Vocal Music Ministry

Interpretive Arts Ministry

Instrumental Music Ministry

Global Missions Ministry

Jail and Prison Ministry

New Believers Ministry

Men's Ministry

The Pastors

Audio Visual Ministry

Womens Ministry

Couples Ministry

Teen Ministry

Campus Outreach Ministry

Convalescence Ministry

Community Outreach Ministry

Adult Singles Ministry

Adult Singles Ministry

Adult Singles Ministry

Budget and Operations

Strategic Planning

Hearing Impaired Ministry

Military For Christ Ministry

Announcer's Ministry

Men's Ministry

Ushers Ministry

Ushers Ministry

IT Services Ministry

Security Ministry

Carenet Ministry

KI Programs and Services

Ministerial Services

New Members Ministry

Breaking Bonds Ministry

Breaking Bonds Ministry